Workforce Mobility Guide

Are your devices mobile enough to move your business forward? Lenovo® ThinkBook® is defined by the features and functions for today's mobile, new-tech worker and IT departments: • Performance - up to 8th Gen Intel® Core with AMD® Radeon Graphics and SSD only • Style - Ultra-slim, opens to 1800 with one-click Skype® for Business • Security - dTPM that works with Windows® 10 to prevent data theft and ensure privacy Download this Worker Mobility Guide, brought to you by TechnologyXperts, Inc., to learn how the right laptops can propel you to success. @Lenovo #SmarterWithLenovo.

This Workforce Mobility Guide focuses on how Lenovo® enables mobility across an organization by offering a portfolio of high-performance, secure mobile laptops that meet the “new tech” needs of both mobile workers and security-conscious IT departments. The ThinkPad® series is showcased as an example of a device that satisfies everyone.

View: Workforce Mobility Guide

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