Why Your Elevator Pitch Isn’t Working

It's a simple question that pops up suddenly and usually from a stranger. How prepared are you when asked the question, "What do you do?" or "What's your business?" Although we know it's coming, too often too many responses are not on point. Elevator pitches take time and thought-process to formulate, and there are definite ways of gauging how the recipient is understanding your response. Author Anna Johansson shares unique ways of looking at your pitch—with suggestions on how to differentiate yours from the rest. Read her article, "Why Your Elevator Pitch Isn't Working."

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Trending Security Topics from Lenovo®

Is security everywhere a fantasy? Not with Lenovo ThinkShield™ comprehensive suite of security solutions. Bitlocker® encryption. Windows® Defender™. Intel® Authenticate™. Lenovo® wifi security. Persistent visibility into endpoints. Download this timely video on Trending Security Topics from Lenovo® to protect your company from what's out there. @Lenovo #SmarterWithLenovo.

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The ‘Superhero Fallacy’ and Other Storytelling Mistakes Marketers Make

Humans love stories. More marketers are utilizing storytelling to connect with consumers, yet they're discovering it's not as easy as it sounds. To make sure you avoid the common pitfalls, check out "The 'Superhero Fallacy' and Other Storytelling Mistakes Marketers Make" in which Matthew Luhn, a story-branding consultant and writer of storytelling in the business world, shares his insight with author Kimberly A. Whitler.

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Maximizing Your Mobility

There are fitness tricks for shaping a healthy mobile workforce, including having devices with the power, memory, and security for top performance. To learn the secrets to meeting the needs of on-the-go workers as well as your IT team, download this infographic, "Maximizing Your Mobility," brought to you by TechnologyXperts, Inc.. @Lenovo #SmarterWithLenovo.

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